The Habits Of Highly Effective Real Estate Investors

When you listen to real estate investing gurus teach about the tasks to succeed in real estate investing, the topics are normally about the ARV, how to estimate repairs, how to work with hard money lenders, how to get more of the HOW-TO education they offer and I could go on and on… but the … Continued

8 Reasons to Invest in MultiFamily Apartments

No matter what strategy you favor in real estate investing, the purpose of investing is to create a favorable return, or let’s say to maximize our ROI. Why invest in anything especially real estate if you are not creating a good return but most of us investors including myself forget the other equation with the … Continued

Self Directed IRA Fueled By Real Estate Investing?

The story continues to make news as more and more employees are losing money in their company 401k plan and many are wiped out but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Most people are to busy to know and learn on the different options on better ways to grow your retirement plan by a … Continued